Final Project: Front



Museum Visit

When I visited the Museum, I was first impressed by the parking lot. I liked how people were very creative with the designs. Sister Corita was a very talented woman that expressed her thoughts and feelings through arts and paintings. I saw many paintings and I like how she expressed religion in them since I’m religious as well. I think that she influenced my final project with her ideas of equality and Religion. I had never heard of this artist and I was surprised by how local she was since she went to college in Los Angeles. I had gone with my dad and we watched part of a video that showed her life story. She taught many classes in art and helped students express their feelings. I like how she painted a lot about our problems with the government and the riots that we’re going on. One of my favorite pieces was the alphabet series. I felt sad when I read that she was diagnosed with cancer. I think she was a great artist overall that was influenced by many parts of our society and expressed herself in a way that the people who saw her art understood what she was trying to say. I am inspired to learn more about her art work and life, being that I feel like the hours I went were not enough to understand all her art work and emotions.